Series: Joy

Being a Christian and sober from drugs and alcohol for over 5 years now (began Jan 3, 2011) I have longed to experience what the Bible and others call Joy. I have found in the past that when I take a theme (love, faith, “I am”) and pursue everything I can find on the topic from trusted writers, theologians and above all God’s Word that I grow and personalize that area of life which I have longed to experience more deeply. 

To that end I have begun reading 30-day devotional by Oswald Chambers on the topic of Joy. Not surprisingly that has turned into successive daily blogs so I will group those ponderings into a series. 

My prayer is that they draw you to consider the promise and importance of determining the definition, foundation, and source of eternal Joy in your own life through a deeper, richer and more satisfying walk with God. 

Blessings in Christ,


Series: Joy

  1. Full Measure of Joy
  2. Happiness Vs. Joy
  3. The Source of Joy
  4. The Price of Joy
  5. Uncrushable Joy


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